History of Hostal Esteba

In Caldes de Malavella

Our story begins in 1944 when just after getting married, grandfather Pere and grandmother Loreto open a small tavern in Caldes de Malavella.


A meeting place for the people of Caldes and visitors. It is said that in that tavern one of the best ratatouille in the region was served.

Granny Loreto’s entrepreneurial spirit led them to leave the tavern in 1957 to open a small Fonda located right in front of the Roman Baths. After a long time developing a good job and customer service, Hostal Esteba was acquiring a prominent position among the visitors who came it was from the 60’s that the hostel was filled with tourists. Most of them were from Barcelona, France and Holland.

Caldes de Malavella is famous for its hot springs

A hostel with more than 50 years of tradition

We stayed in that little Fonda until December 1977. In that period of time, Mercedes married Quim and their two sons, Carles and Pere, were born.

On December 23, 1977, the establishment where we are today was inaugurated. That was a risky bet due to the dimensions of the project. Grandmother Loreto and the Grandfather Pere, this time with his children, built the new Hostal Esteba.

A small hostel with a restaurant and bar, located at the entrance of the town, just in front of the sports area. This project would be the definitive life project for the generations that would follow them.

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Currently and since 2008, Carles, son of Quim and Mercedes, is in charge of continuing the project started in 1944